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MAY 2024

Briar Mead - Selected Works (2019-2024)

APRIL 2024

Aro - He Rākau, He Ngārara
Auto Angel - True Sincerity EP [Bankrupt Records]
Beet-Wix - Slug Level Standards Bodyache - Altriciality
Demented Tectonic - Demented Tectonic
Ethan - Dead Keys [sample pack]
花溪 Flowerstream - Flowers Dream
Khaki Department - Boogie Boarding [Cerine Ruby]
lorazepam - selected practice sessions (12/23)
Radar - Altınşiş
Richard Francis - Dome Valley
roseworm - Lick Of The Wolf
The Righteous Yeah - JL 1969 + Here Comes The Rain
Square Market - Darkroom Noise Thursday Session - 25/04/2024
Synthetic Children - Cone Creek II [Cerine Ruby]
TOČKA - Monopoly/Piracy (2024 Remaster)
Various Artists - The Start of Something New [Morris Street Network]
Veale Moss - The Rotten Dweller [KAVARI]

MARCH 2024

10000 Knives - Transmission Lines [Limbless Music]
ART BUKKAKE - 01 + 02  
Destrifan - winter call/nuclear heaven
disposable天国 (heaven)
Eli Høff - Pointe Work LP (Ft. DJ TEST.E, Clay Louis) [PHTM]
Elizabeth Sanctuary Welding School for Girls - harvest -moon/
Fertility Festival - Fertility Festival [iiii Records]

fiffdimension - Quietism (2024)
games - Great Illusions [Index Records]
G.L.N.C. - Gutter Life No Capital
Grains - Voice of Tangaroa - Original Podcast Soundtrack
havening - sun freckle
Hazel Elder - the adversary + air traffic control + oceanic + oracle
Keanu Raves & Junus Orca - Unicorn Dub
Kitset Empire - Oneself and the Abstract World
les fuzz minou - Super Sonic Sauropod
Less Bliss - Four Pieces
Longbrows - Local
L.$.D FUNDRAISER - LSD Fundraiser Plays Luddite Blues & Other Selections
Materoa - Materoa’s Songs [Evaro]
Moider Mother - Darksided [Leather Jacket Records]
Mokotron - THE UNITED TRIBES OF BASS [Sunreturn Records] 
MR MEATY BOY & protectionspell - Happiness and Intuition [Echo Train Records]

QWAZDYN - Dharma
Richard Francis - Finally have a name for it 
Ritual Heaps - Guitar + Tunnel and WORLD Four
Rudy Adrian - Reflections On A Moonlit Lake
Samuel Forbes - Here/Walk
Temporary Show - Dialogue Before Sunset
Thee Righteous Yeahs - Killer Apps
THOM_8.0 - Radio For A Head!?
Thousand Acre Plain - song 5 jam [swamp soul]
Timpani Decot - Gethsemane
Underscore-Hyphen - Hotels-Motels-Heathens 08 (Graveyard Shift)
Various Artists - Air [TNT001] [Teeth and Tail]
whitegold&monolith - In The American Fields
youbeepastablaster - Pearl Diver Set


()) - ALEXICON° + art/death (now)
A.M - Beige Surrender  
city archives - 
darkslider - Abstract - The Next Complete Collection (So Far)
Eveline Breaker & scramble204 - Scrambline Pitcher [swamp soul]
Fritterhead - Fritterhead Live
fuktokyo - PLETHORA
Human Maggots - Live 14/12/23 - The Preauricular Pit
Integument - Frequency following response
Lesbian Death Sluts From Hell - Switch Hitter
Lorazepam - nights out
Michael Brasell - Engine
Mike Kay - Waimarie
paul smith (peace myth) - Dwell Long in the Wilderness of the Alone (Live)
QWAZDYN- No Matter
Riff Dream - Funny Money
saltmarsh - filmscores vol. 1
Signer - Isolated Dreams EP23
Sylvan & Friends - Killer Rack
tcmfos -s w i n g d o w n ゴルフ
+ i need てぁケ
Thousand Acre Plain - song 5 jam [swamp soul]
Todd Luffa - Horizon I’ve Ever Seen
Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik - WAVES Trinity 
Various Artists - Songs of Rupture [Audio Foundation Records]
WET STAR - 39°0′S (Recorded at The Audio Foundation’s Loud and Proud Festival)
Yeongrak - mass smoke prevents turrets


Altamont Young - II
Antony Milton - Estivate [Lay your Burdens Down]
Asher Williams - Ho Zhe EP + MY BASS DRUM IS BROKEN
BOAT - Live at CubaDupa 2021 with tesla coil from Chime Red.
Bodyache - The Sound of Accretion
bogshead - sic>liv> [Kalamine Records]
Caramel Smooth Heaven - Leftovers EP
Crossing Water - desire of new eve
Dave Normal, Snakebeings - The Beast of Normal-Beings
Don Sook - why don’t you call me
Emperor Goblin - The Final EP
Eveline Breaker & scramble204 - Scrambline Pitcher [swamp soul]
E.U.G - United By Love
Integument - Frequency following response
L$D Fundraiser - Comedown Cookup [Lay Your Burdens Down]
Māpura Music - I Don’t Like Songs (2023) + We Know What We Know (2023) [Māpura Music]
Omit - Omit-InSec IP [Siltbreeze Records]
Ortiz Funeral Directors with Han Bennink, Sean Bergin, Eric Boeren & Ernst Glerum - Happy Archive #5
Their Eyes Were Flowers - Ascension
QWAZDYN - Reaching Ataraxia
Richard Francis - Taste in Memory
roseworm - Vanessa
Speck of Dust - Convergent Boundaries
Sunset Temples - Another (Future Blues) Sunday [Another Sunday]
TOČKA - Sarcologue
Thee Righteous Yeah - Another Sunday (Ghosts) [Another Sunday]
Trioglodyte with Roger Manins & Kat Tomacruz - Tales of a Master Mariner [kiwijahzz]


ACP 2.1 [Compilation][ACOLDPLACE]
Amanda Riddell - These Words Are Meant For Someone
Andrew McMillan (bop) - Locked
Clark/Shaw/Wits - Not Before Time [phncrs]
the coalface - Basictech
David Khan & Peter Wright - House Music [Distant Bombs]
Dick Blowtorch - The Christmas Dinner Incident with Dick Blowtorch
Droneeater - Tes/Tom + Two Songs + Te Haerenga: Rana and Sussy's Journey Into Our History and Our Future
Elise Bishop and Stefan Neville - The Animals in this Country
Esqweena Drips - Golden Valley
Indigogue Browne... - Get Fucked Like A Person,,,
Kitset Empire - Mikro
L.$.D FUNDRAISER - Live @ Athenaeum Basement 16.12.23
Less Bliss - Snow Vol.2 (droneambient)
Medwakh - Your Trials and Tribulations Have All Come Back to Haunt You
Moments - Moments for Mania
N✹N✹N✹ -  Kēkereū [Distant Bombs]
Mr Sterile Assembly- Goodbye [dubbed tapes]
Machine Music 6 [Compilation] [Machine Records]
Nelson Techno Collective. -  Stop The Wars: GAZA [Compilation]
The Paradox Princess - SHE/THEY SOUNDS
Preonn Suaency - Mountian Straem Trip 
RayBan/Coalface - Movie Buff
Riff Dream - Eyes on the Pies (Sky High Edition) + RIFF DREAM 12 ALBUM YUP REMASTER PLUS
tcmfos - s w i n g d o w n ゴルフ
Temporary Show - Lesbos: Guided Meditation
The Steak Place - Recording is a Dead Art Form and I Don’t Care
TOČKA - Miasma
universal joint - Live at Nowhere Festival, 2016 + 8 Track Recordings
WFLS #27 [Compilation] [Works For Loudspeakers]
William Henry Meung - Emily BloodBuzz [phncrs]


carpet dust - pre-love
Caru & Micca - JAYWALK
Christoph el’ Truento - Circle of Friends
A Crude Mechanical - Discourse
Daniel Beban, Ruby Solly, Alistair Fraser - Te Kopahou Installation excerpt for WCC [Sound Explorers]
David Cowlard & Andrew Moon / RST - Western Line [Audio Foundation Records]
Droneeater - Baked not Fried: Meandering Demos
Eyeliner - brb [My Pet Flamingo}
felix danilo. - In the Midst of This World, Alive (Original Score)
Fiff Dimension - Electric (yang) + Acoustic (yin)
Fuji VII - Terraqueous Globe
Heavy Habit - Hand Made Music
J.A Kennedy Exhibition performed by Jeff Henderson and Sean Martin-Buss - A place to play a clarinet
The Ladder is Part of the Pit - The Ladder is Part of the Pit [GROG PAPPY]
mag tee - modular
mag tee - gibet
Memory Foam - Moon Power

Mr Sterile Assembly - HELLo [skirted Records]
Nada Labyrinth & the BlueMoonDisco - in the Hempstore Krd
PollyHill x Samara Alofa - AQUARIES
Square Market - Ambient CasJam Side A
Stereo Minus One - Finding Metal In the Cracks Of The Pavement 
Sewage - Sewage
solenoid - Hydroforming
Underground Video Industries, (-ion) - 2876194
Various Artists - Ōtepoti Music Compilation Volume One [Fruit Salad Records]
Various Artists - ACP 2.1 [acoldplace]
Various Artists - TAUTOKO GAZA [AASP]
xtopher - FOR PSY-IENCE (EP)
yeongrak - faded congealent
Yet Undefined - One Week In
Yikes Viking - I don’t like that, stop it right now


10 acre Bloc - BlackBridge Sessions 2
Analog-Tuatara™ - Caving TV - Crystal Versions
art improvement art brigade - Hands are hard, claws are easy
Adzes - INVER [Euphoriadic]
aureate - hesitations
Claypipe - Down By The River GraceRecalcitrant Crescent +
Daughter of Rā - Astral Codes
Doom Shrugs - Six Insides [Stupid Square]
Duelist - Cutting Stone [Sub Sub Tropical Recordings]
BJ Leo - MUTUALS [Related Articles]
DISTKANT - Road To Auckland
darkslider - Sequencer
Droneeater - Waiata Māori Borderline Weiner: guitarish bedroom pop from ten years ago Warped Ngā Tamariki o te Kohu Purea DroneDrone Aroha
Duplokit - Phonocollage #3.1 / #13.2
fiffdimension - Live 2023
Fortress Europe - Old World
Greymouth - Sucked Out Into Space [NO Label NZ] Another (straight to video) Sunday [Another Sunday]
Hal Lambert / Mitchel Mobley - Bud Light [NO Label NZ]
Heinous Coup - Singles Collection (2003 - 2007)
Hidden Toys, Erectile Dysfunctioners - Hidden Ecrection
Jamie Awakshidar - always raining here [Wave Racers Collective]
Kitset Empire - Cycles I-XII
Kraus - MEL Sample Library Collection: Kraus [Audio Foundation Records]
La Gloria - Victory + LG III
les fuzz minou - darkroom august ‘23
The Ladder is Part of the Pit -  The Ladder is Part of the Pit. Live at RDC Cafe 2023
L.$.D FUNDRAISER - If The Wind Blew This Way, We’d Smell The Corpse Burning Too.
Major Entertainer - Major Entertainer Presents A Tribute To Fraternity Vacation [NO Label NZ]
Mike Alpha Xray - Protect The Drive, Give ‘Em The Cut!
Moider Mother - Brick in a Stocking
Ov Pain - Silver Gate
O WAVES & SNAKEBEINGS - Unlikely Saviours
Oblivion Fly - OBLIVION FLY I
painspeople - you are why
Phil Dadson & Rob Thorne - Aurongo~Inner Listening [Rattle Records]
puketiro superhero - puketiro superhero [morris st network]
Unsub, n0isemakeR, Alexis K -  Rare Candy Vol 3 [Pure Heart Dirty Mind Records]
Riff Dream - Sfumato
Sapianthoughts - The backward escape
Sewage + William Henry Meung. - Sewage + William Henry Meung. Live at RDC cafe 23/9/23
Simon O'Rorke with Parks, Ivan Mršić & True Bliss Experience - Audio Foundation Improvisors Series Vol. 1 [Audio Foundation Records]
Simon O’Rorke & Company - Audio Foundation Improvisors Series Vol. 2 [Audio Foundation Records]
Square Market - De_Laye + Darkroom Noise Thursday Session - 28/09/2023
Thomas Arbor - Machine Birth [Sonorous Circle]
Timpani Decot - Kissing Ambienne

10000 Knives - Transmission Line
The Troubled Times - Son Sun Sum
Underscore-Hyphen - Hotels-Motels-Heathens 07 (Forced Into Action)
Various Artists - Drone Cognizance & Harmonic Possibilities [NO Label NZ]
Various Artists - Atonal Eclipse of the Charts #4 label sampler [Atonal Eclipse of The Charts]
Wilieu - Fall-Between (Live Version)
William Henry Meung - don’t know how to say it, goodbye Ōtepoti + bittersweet - fortress nun + a whole different place + crisp salad and corpses + spectral monitors + fairy bread + what would i do/neo libral scum + an archway for ivy + you keep me thru the dawnthe emerald moon
Wordsmith - Why/Hide
Yet Undefined - One Week In


Art Improvement Art Brigade - a prism casts the morning light like a rainbow across a vase of flowers
Art Improvement Art Brigade - a utopian attack formation ( work in progress ) 
CJA - Combover [Lay Your Burdens Down]
Cuticles - Cuticles-Major Works Ip [Siltbreeze Records]
darkslider - Lake Plant
Fantasing - Lurching to Catastrophe
frog power - south dunedin astral projection seminar
hope + vx - !nu4 [Wrong Revolution]
K-GROUP - New Series 1 [Knotwilg]
Kleistwahr / P Wits - Poles Apart [NO Label NZ]
L.$.D Fundraiser - Noel, your Lemming has escaped.
L.$.D Fundraiser - .THE IDEAS TEAM I.
L.$.D Fundraiser - L$D Spendensammler Medley.
Modniy - Music for Perennial Planes
Nada Labyrinth & The BlueMoonDisco  - Nada Labyrinth & The BlueMoonDisco in the Land of the Spider
Oksun Sun - I Don’t Care I Already Told You [Round Bale Recordings]
Robert Scott - Aramoana (Robert Scott & Takumi Motokawa)
Mary Lattimore, Roy Montgomery - Blender in a Blender
Rosie Langabeer - The Lost Letter Office
RST - Air [NO Label NZ]
Samara Alofa - FOR AUNTIE E
Samara Alofa - 2 B REAL (demo)
SonVanger - Rever
Space Dad - Bone Broth (Single)
Stereo Minus one - Everything is So Beautiful, I need to lie down [Machine Records]
Teen Haters - Another Sunday [Another Sunday]
UltraSpikes - UltraSpikes. Lodge Maori. 17/3/22.
vegetable.machine.animal - My Daughter the Spider [Skirted Records]
Vor-stellen - Parallelograms [Flying Nun]
White Saucer - Bad Nocturno/Forgot About Your Now
william henry meung - Snap My Skull
Willieu - Fall-Between
Works For Loudspeakers - WFLS #26 [Compilation]
Yeongrak - everyone who sauces yauces

Special Mention to the Season 3 finale of experimental NZ music series Trash Recital! It features Don McGlashan with Chris O’ Connor, Anita Clark, James Duncan and Mark Bell, playing an improvised rendition of The Mutton Birds' 1994 classic 'The Heater' with trash.


10 acre Bloc - Live @ Silo Theatre with Johanass Baur
A.M. - The Sound Is On The Speaker [Lay Your Burdens Down]
Amanda Michelina - Amanda happens to NZ classic hits
Art Improvement Art Brigade - Another Sunday [Another Sunday]
Betterslow - Brisa
Box of Hammers - The Lake [Strange Behaviour]
CJA - Another (Suburban) Sunday [Another Sunday]
CUT 989 - Opinions
Cryer - AFFLICATIONS pt. 1
Crying Loser - Oaf Milk
道革 / daoge - share the gift you are [sudo records]
darkslider - The Ending
Devotee - Vanish Mode
Don Sook - azimuth
Erectile Dysfunctioners - }'grand_theft-/DAMAN>!
Farewell Spit - Eternal Solace [iiii Records]
fax - badger archie rocky shorty hang patty [morris st network]
fern - diver/loon
fiffdimension - electric (yang)
fiffdimension - acoustic (yin)
Gate - The Numbers [Birdman Records]
George Johnston - Music for Grieving
Hasji - Maunga Kōkihi [GORGE.IN]
HOODOO - WRONG VERSIONS (Wrong Revolution)
Indira Neville - This is the energy of my mind [dubbed tapes]
Industrial Shrines - cortonwood colliery
Kieth Rowe / Gerard Lebik - Dry Mountain [Inexhaustible Editions]
Oaf - Field Recordings: Marahau
Loch Mess - Seven Sorrows
Make Dark - Badlands
Māpura Music - Live at Alberton House 21st July, 2023. 
Māpura Music - Roses Need To Radiate (2023) 
Māpura Music - Tables Are Instruments Too (2023)
Marc Chesterman - Jean’s Piano (an hour of piano music)
Meeps - Studies/Mixtape
Nightmare Honey - Fundamental Collapse
Perpets - Another Sunday [Another Sunday]
Psychotic Band - Autobiography
P Wits / Luke Shaw - Paving Stones
P Wits / L Xerox - Nude, Unpleasant or Both [Econore]
Peter Hobbs - Tomo
Raiden Freeman - DF2 [Bankrupt Records]
Richard Francis - Window
Riff Dream - Riff Dream 2023
Robert Scott, Takumi Motokawa - Aramoana
The Troubled Times - Another (Fucking) Sunday [Another Sunday]
The Troubled Times - State Highway 2
TOČKA - (Soliloquy) Remixes
when you last felt most alive - the reality in which we are presented

JULY 2023

10 acre Bloc - mInD tHe GaP
Armpit - Passover Tape (2002 Reissue)
Black Peristyle - Atomic Veterans
Blacq Forest Audio - Relenting Myself/I For You
Blood Chamber - Blood Chamber (with Domenico Bulla, Ant Donaldson, Jonny Marks)
City Archives - i wish i could stay in the plains forever
Clogged Sprinkler - Dryer
Current Bias - Frontal [Related Articles]
Deejay Handbrake - Hukanui EP
Earwicker - The Silver Star E.P.
Emperor Goblin - Goblin Exposé
fernery - WALK IT OUT [180]
fiffdimension - Gamelan Dimensi Kelima (Indonesia, 2014)
Garbage Pail Kids - Excretion t-shirt [No Label NZ]
Flak - Monitor [No Label NZ]
i.e. crazy - Country Justice
Industry Plant - Dream Bullets [NO Label NZ]
Irth - EP II
Integument - A Skin, a husk, a shell
impress - IM 1 [Bankrupt Worldwide]
Joe Kaptein - Spaced Further Out EP
Karl Steven - All of Human Emotion on Microfiche (The Remixes)
Kraus - Petals on The Wind (a live album)
les fuzz minou - darkroom may 23’
Māpura Music - Sniff & Sting (2023) [Māpura Music]
The Old Dream Of Symmetry - Isthmus / Tell me quicker
The Paradox Princess - CREATING A TIME PARADOX
P.Hope - Historic Distortions [Wrong Revolution]
P.Hope + TBC - Apple Eye EP plus [Wrong Revolution]
The Pitch - Pillars/Glissandi
Paul Smith (Peace Myth) - ATTACK DECAY RELEASE
P Wits - Gestures of Refusal
Ritual Heaps - WORLD
Ritual Heaps - WORLD 3
Ritual Heaps - Just Two Words Are Enough to Share My Entire World With You 
Sabu Toyozumi NZ Quartet - Sabu Toyozumi in Aotearoa Vol. 1 [iiii Records]
Savage Animal - Ten Thou
The Sea Plus - Aegean Sea
Speck of Dust - g r o u n d e d
Stefan Christensen - F.D Grave & Son [No Label NZ]
Their Eyes Were Flowers - Snow Vol. 1
The Troubled Times - Elevate
Uoerhe - Kitchen Floor Halluncinations [No Label NZ]
William Henry Meung - 
Hiraeth and Limerence [Horn of Plenty]
Wilieu -Live Musique Concrète & Signal Processing
Wintermute - WNTRMTE [swamp soul]

JUNE 2023

12000 Suns - crushing rays of piercing light [Swamp Soul]
Adrenochrome Babies - Adrenochrome Babies
Ballot Box - The Game
Calla - Patterns of Remedy
Crude - C3
Current Bias - 
4 Clangerz 4 Fake Capital 2: Crisps and Crunchies Edition
Delicate InverVention - Delicate InterVention: Improvisation Fragments 2016-2019
Dick Blowtorch - Stick It To The Dick
Dolphin Noir - Make Machines Make Mistakes
The false dmitrys - dis location
frogmeet - Lake frog in the winter [swamp soul]
Folina E Vili - UN-EASY LISTENING (1997-2002)[stabbiesetc]
Fuckault - FUCK KILL DIE
Ike - Pulsar [Index Records]
mag tee - collage for flies
me ek⁷ - me ek⁷ [swamp soul]
Miss Canine Hoe & Ritual Heaps - Buds
Nada Labyrinth - Nada Labyrinth & The BlueMoonDisco in the Backroom
Novae - oddities
Now!Here!This! String Ensemble - Live at Now!Here!This! Ōtautahi [God in the Music]
Oro Group - Awa Oratau [God in the Music]
p wits - My Resolution is Free [Ilam Press Records]
phosphene - macrodosing
Richard Francis - o
Simple Halo - #1
solenoid - the past was a Blank and the future is a Chaos
solenoid - never quite so narcoleptic
Sto0g3s of FUCK!!! - Exquisite Corpse [swamp soul]
Stefan Neville & Greg Malcolm - Don’t Drown [Okraina Records]
Takumi Motokawa - TOAD 2023 Whammy AK
Thagomizer - Time of the Titans
Tυαtαηiwhα - TNWHA TESTRUN - EP
U R A TOOTH - U R A TOOTH [iiii Records]
V0M - Annals of V0M [Sub sub tropical recordings]
The Winter - 2010
William Henry Meung - this saint won’t rot
Wilieu - 600 Sound-Design Samples - Genderfluid Riot Tech + Fit Nowhere

wintermute and o time thy pyramids - Bed Time Story [swamp soul]
without appeal - ‘Remote Cardiac Arrest’ (2018)
without appeal - 'Reparations' (Sun Rises in the East Mix) (2020)
without appeal - 'of un-learning and re-learning' (2020)

MAY 2023

Alien Intelligence - Worst Music Ever Made [Sub Sub Tropical Recordings]
AnatomistA - there is light inside
Antony Milton - Liminal
Bloodfucker - SUNSHINE (tape rot) [swamp soul]
Bogshead - A Rehearsed Falling
[Completely Gone Recordings]
Bogshead - a third rain
Captain Bill - 
002. 17 Pieces of Lazy Inconsequential Drivel
Don Sook - basilisk
Donk Dobbo - The Donk Dobbo Experience [The Big Fresh Collective]
Earwicker - Malrhythms
Emperor Goblin/GoblinOnCoins - Greedy Grinner EP
Exploding Mind - Big Smile EP [Wrong Revolution]
Human Maggots / Narrow Utility Function - Live 29/03/23 (With Narrow Utility Function)
Impress - DJ Thank u so much (edits)
Jamie Awakshidar - The Face of God is Made of Mirrors [Center of the Earth Records]
Jeff Henderson - Solo at Alleluya Noise Festival 2005
Lori Watt - Chill in my Vein [Small Town Electron]
Ludwik Jędrzejewicz - The Paranoids
mag tee - clip 6
Mag tee - Collage for Flies
Martin Swampthing - Dance of Tears
The Meloncholy Babes - Lovebite - Jazz from the Underground Nightclubs of Aotearoa Vol.10 [Kiwijahzz]
Nacar - i will always think of you
Nova’s Wasteland/Bloodfucker/Frogmeat/Indigogue Browne and guests - Elmo Tapes
Suzpacefuz - hiding sounds
Synthetic Children - Everything’s Perpetual
THOM_8.0 - Experimental Instrumental
William Henry Meung - A SPECTRUM OF ECSTASIES [mf/mp]
Wintermute and Mudgoose - Wintermute and Mudgoose
without appeal - ‘Compound // Fracture’
yeongrak - i have no enemies


APRIL 2023

Asteroid Anxiety - Basyqyz
Anxieties - Loading Error
bitch whistle - bitch whistle [Morris Street Network]
Brick Quarter with Yves Charuest - Passing the Buck [iiii Records]
Bruce Fox & Local Florist - Foxglove [EP]
CRANK HOG CLUCK - Valve: No.8 (1966) Digital Rerelease - Various Artists [Yellow Bike Records]
David Normal & Snake Beings - Normal Beings: Maybe..
The Dead C - The Operation of the Sonne
The Forbin Project - a poem by frank o’hara
Half/Time - Scary Stories To Tell When You’re Dark EP
Herstot - 
Britney Spears - You Drive Me Crazy (Herstot shit mix)
Hoffman and Heathertoes - ast#0063 "The breakaway that caught us in rain"
Intersekt - MADE WITH RAGE
Kraus - Faster Than the Speed of Time (2010) Digital ReRelease
Little Deaths - Lent / Hill 60  [What Lies Beneath]
Lower Bar Collective - Grünewald
Lumber - ast#0062 The Lotus Bros
Māpura Music - Gabrielle (2023)
M. Webclaw and Snakebeings - Mongolian BBQ - Synth Shopping in Tokyo
Michael J Hex - Are you Hexperienced [1999] Digital Rerelease
Mike Beniot aka-man - Misery Suffered In Search for Beautiful Things
Min B'eed ١ Compilation
- Various Artists [Hafleh]
NVSBLX - Yardwork
OP Lilypad - OPLP [Sunreturn]
Richard Francis - Eat Magic
The Seafarer - Autumn Antiques
solenoid - distorting the shapes of atoms
solenoid - Nietzche’s Moustache
Stereo Minus One - Bad Karma
V0M - Country And West Auckland [Sub Sub Tropical Recordings]

MARCH 2023

Beneficiary414127193- I CARE
Bogshead - underground hinterland
Bogshead - Guster [HAMFUGGI Records]
CZiGO - Aishroo [Machine Records]
Emperor Goblin - Emperor Goblin Unused Tracks
Emperor Neill Duncan with Devils Gate Outfit - Phantom Tones [Kiwijahzz]
haast - hāwea - Waitohi
Household Spirits - Idus Martiae
L.$.D FUNDRAISER - Nine to
Five, Monday To Friday

L.$.D FUNDRAISER - .Ready.Willing.Able.
Lumber - ast#0062 The Lotus Bros
Mooncrystal - The Music Tree
Peter Hobbs - Luminescence [Rattle Records]
solenoid - right handed grip
solenoid - line integral
Shadowy - Shadow Demo Archive
Speck Of Dust - Tranquility / Dissonance
Tāmira Pūoro With Gallery Orchestra - Huia and Magpie [Oro Records]
Tom Hardie - Outside & Southerly [Buzzy Point]
Thomas L. Bigelow - Autumnal Channel [EP]
Timpani Decot - Lempickalcite
Various Artists - swamp soul one [swamp soul]
Yeongrak - headache locations


Accidie Hex - Decomposing Humans
Analog-Tuatara™ - Caving TV
Blares - Introspection
Bodyache - Bodyache
Box of Hammers - Summer Haze [Strange Behaviour]
city archives - is it worth it in the end
darkslider - Cellular
darkslide - Pullulate
deejay handbrake - Choose Your Own Indenture
Edward Ware, Jeff Henderson & Eamon Edmundsen-Wells - A Fury in the Mind [iiii Records]
Emperor Goblin - Ladchat EP 2 
Emperor Goblin - A Night with Ladchat: Episodes 1-5
Elect Ron Eek - Just an Emotion
GJWest - I get by with a little help from my M8
Jay Alexander - Thoughtless Clouds of Tenors
L*S*C - u23u82
L*S*C - 7F7F6D6F6
PT200: The Second 100 Compilation [Powertool Records]
P Wits/L Xerox - Untitled (For Don Driver)
P Wits - Of Heaven
Ritual Heaps - Private Security
Sandoz Lab Technicians - Plastic Carved Out in The Shape of Music
Shroppy Sledz - Where Gods Can’t See
tcmfos - 
ΛN4L0GU3 D34TH アナログ死The Techtonics - Demo 1
William Henry Meung - Whaariki vrs. Matukutuku [phncrs]
William Henry Meung - baby you set my curtains on fire
Void State - Songs for Closed Eyelids: Collection 01


Amanda Michelina - Amanda happens to folk songs
Amanda Michelina - Weeded out: Music from the series
Antony Milton - Off-White
Art Improvement Art Brigade - angels on horseback
Bloodfucker - Enter stage and Original sin
Colm - OnePlusOne 8
Ethan - depths
eric rangi - moth:er
fiffdimension - in a wildflower state
Fuck the Frog - Consensual 2-Way Probing
gazecloud - rockstar focus
Ink Truck - Sunday 14th February 1998
Jeff Henderson, Bonnie Stewart and Chris O’ Connor - Bugs Vol. 1
Jeff Henderson, Bonnie Stewart and Chris O’ Connor - Bugs Vol. 2
Kenny Charlton! - Pretty Good Considering (Birthday 24)
L.$.D FUNDRAISER - Industry Sleeps 
L*S*C - Violet
L*S*C - 80453276589
Mark Feehan - VIIII [No Label NZ]
Moon/Wits - Straight at The Sun Through a Piece of Dark Glass [NO Label NZ]
[Compilation] felt cute, might delete [morris st network]
SKY SPORTS - ★★★★☆
Speck of Dust - Serenity
[Compilation] Machine Mix 3 [Machine Records]
snakebeings - Animist Lunchbreak
Status Seekers - Party Time!
Tobias Bowen - Keyboard and Voice Improvisations, Age 7 to 8 Months Underscore Hyphen - Hotels-Motels-Heathens 06 (A Night of Mistakes)
Vanessa Worm - Mosiacs
Yeongrak - custardhead energy ampoule
Zoidb3rg - Dub Work
Zoidb3rg - funk r3volution


Big Boxmen - Ritual Music from the Suburbs of Tāmaki Makaurau Vol.1
city archives - we had a good thing going, right?
Dick Blowtorch - Squarewave
Don Sook - slow attack
Exterminator! - You need the service?
fiffdimension - águas brilhantes: 2018-2022
FunksMaName - FunksMaFlips IV
FunksMaName - FunksMaFlips III
FunksMaName - FunksMaFlips II
FunksMaName - FunksMaFlips I
Fuzzcats - pure cosmic fury
gazecloud - H3XD ☆ COMPILATION ★ ULTRA ☆ D3LUX3 !
Lock Mess - Ghost Cities
L*S*C - Baapydaw
L*S*C - 938726212135
Machine Mix, Vol. V [Machine Records]
Medwakh - Diamond Drill Bit vs. Plastic Heart
Narrow Utility Function & узб96 - Narrow Utility Function/узб96 [Junk DNA Recordings]
Peter Wright - Surface
Raiden Freeman - Within The Speed Limit of Love [Bankrupt Records]
saltmarsh - impermanence past time  [Softseed Music]
Te Aro Park Toilet Block - Music 2 Shit Ur Pants 2
THOM_8.0 - God’s An Amp / Life Is Feedback


ABC - Elliot Reed / Chris O’Connor [Dubbed Tapes]

Alex Parry - Ark
Amamelia - Bananamelia
Antony Milton - Mirrors Skies Reverse [Lay down your Burdens]
aureate - dissolution
BJ Leo - Lesser Hands / URNR [Strange Behaviour]
Blitz Lunar - XG Omnibus Volume 2
Delicate Signal - SemiModularRabbitHole
Dick Blowtorch  - Dick Debut
Dick Blowtorch - Wall Of Dickwall
Dick Blowtorch & Blacq Forest Audio - Blacq Dick Audio EP
Don Sook - career path
The Final Transmission
felix danilo. - one evening with the world collapsing
GALOLEAFI - Stockholm Syndrome
gazecloud - H3XD ☆ COMPILATION ★ D3LUX3 ! 
Hoffman&Heathertoes - algunas estrellas sobre nuestro encuentro en Boiro
ily7ven - currently on the floor of my room 
ily7ven - see u soon
INVISIBLE ILLUSION - WEATHERING THE ROCKS (Pete Hope’s Elemental Edit) [Wrong Revolution]

Jeff Henderson - The Garrulous Sax [iiii Records]
last poem for now - White on White
L.$.D FUNDRAISER - 666x666x666=295408296
MEL Compilation Volume 3 [AFR]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Child Soldier (C.Bias Drumline Mix)
Osh - Music About Farms
Peace Point - Cycles
Promo Disc 1 Compilation [Index Records]

Raiden Freeman - Megatron (featuring Annabel Lee) [Bankrupt Worldwide]
Roy Montgomery - Camera Melancholia [Grapefruit]
SHREK HENTAI - SHREK HENTAI [Kraken Boner Records]
Square Market - Fragmentation
Square Market - Vagabond
TOČKA - (Soliloquy)

Vanessa Worm - Lost Memories
Compilation [Works for Loudspeakers]
Wilieu - Ladybug Palace / ᶥ̴̭̒ᶷᶕᵳᶷᶯ̓
Zane 2022 - Get Me Off This Sphere
4trx - dangerous levels


accordion tube road - live at the anteroom 9/10/22
Alex Parry - Engineered
Ange.Mac + Shaun Garea - Doom Pilgrim
Bailterspace - Live on Mercury
carcinoGeniticist - turn that robot on
De Waard Hoffman Bjerg Heathertoes - A quotidian affair of rolled responsibility [astipalearecords]
Dick Blowtorch - Double Masturbator
gazecloud - take my life <3
gazecloud - rare hex demos
Heathertoes&Hoffman - Through Boiro to Kaunas Clogged [astipalearecords]
Sprinkler - Pond
Kraus - Chronic Illness
Kraus - Fire! Water! Air! Kraus!
Landscape - Living Memory
Landscape - Taking A Massive Shit On The Roof Of The Whitehouse
L.$.D FUNDRAISER - No Title.
L.$.D FUNDRAISER - Bosch PSS 250 AE Low Vibration Power Sander.
NVSBLX - Primary
The New Existentialists - Last Days of the Internet EP
Observant Rupert - asshole baby
Various Artists - Outlier Festival 2022: New Electronic from Aotearoa [Audio Foundation Records]
Ritual Heaps - Work
Samara Alofa - ILYSM
sillysuzi - Another Land
snakebeings - Sufi Breakfast - Tape Mix
The Troubled Times - A Second Sun
william henry meung - nether-step discotheque
4trax - Platforming
4 trax - Quotient
Various Artists - Modfest 22 (Compilation) [Metallurgic]


Accidie Hex - Graveyard Sapping
aiia - ship 
CJA - Silent Blood PA033 [Pseudoarcana]
Seen Through - Extant [Pseudoarcana]
forg spanghew - medical bills (mixtape)
Delicate Signal - Winter Room
DOG Power - Black Mamba
Extant - Seen Through
forg spanghew - medical bills (mixtape)
Glass Shards - Another Mistake
gag - t/t
grvdggr - Le Pendu
grvdggr - Torchbearer
ily7ven(heartluna) - idk im just saying stuff
Jake Kīanō Skinner & Noel Meek - Whakaaro [Fort Evil Fruit]
JunkM -sleep tight
Junus Orca & Social Sport - Unnamed System
Landscape - false cities
Māpura Music - rock n’ roll back to the set
Minotauromachy - Plague Angels
Theo Gold - Thundering Prince of the Devil Bony Devil
SonVanger - Dawn 
Square Market - NSE_25_09_22
Square Market - Tranquil
yeongrak - different weak friends every day


Antony Milton - Shy Howler
Black Stump - Header Cleaner
The Carpet Floor - I’d like to flee this place, go far beyond the Sarmatians and icy Ocean
carcinoGeniticist - THE NOISE EP.
E-Kare - The Piss Cleaner’s Split
Fern - Re_crack The Matrix_[Cumbia edit] feat. GALOLEAFI
fizzface - intricate licorice
grvdggr - The House of Asterion
grvdggr - That Which is to Give Light Must Endure Burning
Half/Time - Ōrākau
Irth - EP 1
Human Maggots - Live 3/08/22
Jesus Christ Fan Club - Fluoride
JunkM - pig brain
last poem for now - pomes
Leaving Home - Thirteen Ghosts
Luke M de Zilva - Levelled (Reverb Chamber Session)
Plan 9 - Geoff Dixon: Portraits Of Us 
Reuben Derrick - Gerard War Memorial
s123p - dys 
snakebeings - Songs of the Saints - Spotty Tape Remix
Sonophyla - Hexachord
Square Market - Mist_
SuperZach - Teenager, Pt.2
The Troubled Times - State Highway 2
Witch Hair - Ambient Heat

JULY 2022

A.M. - Orla
Ange.Mac + Shaun Garea - Ange.Mac + Shaun Garea (E.P.)
Anndra- Trips Compressor
Antony Milton - Home Tapes 1994 - 95
Antony Milton - Tending The Soil Down A Long Gravel Drive
Antony Milton - Dust Motes, A Compilation 1996-2022
august fecaldust - a curious concussion in the collective consciousness
Ben Woods - Dispeller
bitch whistle - breeding worth
Clinton Watkins - southwest
Cookie Brooklyn and  the Crumbs - Singles 2013 - 2019
David Khan + peter Wright - Interference III
darkslider - Eroding Statue
Death Horse - Exit Strategies
Fuzz Cats - After Midnight
grvdggr - A Dawn in the Tropics
Happy Archive #4 - The Dead Ringers Vol.1
Jake Tait - Totem
Jessica Robinson - landing
Kelvin Helm - Rooster
Luke Wood / Luke Shaw - St Martin's New World
L$D Fundraiser - Does Not Believe In Christmas Fanclub Cassingle 2013
Leaving Home - No Now
Motte - Cold + Liquid
Nehebkau's womb - x. animal sounds
Nehebkau's womb - xi. eternal green
Nehabkau’s womb - xiii a day at the beach
snakebeings - Wurlitzer Knife - 13 Songs from the Suva Sound Sketches Series(Vol ii)
Shattered Eternity - Other Things
Thagomizer - Dinosaur Drone
Triplets with Joseph McCallum & Eamon Edmundsen-Wells - Trade Secrets
The Winter - Shortest Days: 2003-2015
yeongrak - wezoworld
Zombie-Fuck! - The Last Slow Dance

JUNE 2022

Daniel Beban, Tom Callwood, Anthony Donaldson, Jeff Henderson - Farewell Spit [iiii Records]
grvdggr - The Furies
Junus Orca - New Cuts Inside /Your Ghost Beside
Leaving Home - No Now
Loam - Comfort in the Abandonment of Hope
MDTH + grvdggr - We Are the Witchcraft
New Primitive Error - The End is Nil
Status Seekers - Neil Feather & Drummy - We Like to Party
Stereo Minus One - Lodestone [Machine Records]
The Stinging Nettles - Live at the Wine Cellar [iiii Records]
Vihil - Solstice (Piano Instrumental form)

MAY 2022

Colm - OnePlusOne 6
cosmic-uncertainty - Inner Child
David Khan and Peter Wright - Interferences II
Delicate Signal - Algrtm
Delicate Signal - Gulf Stream EP
Flo Wilson - Prelude to a Requiem
Fuzz Cats - Sound Recording
Gate - The Numbers
Gorgotha - stay one step ahead of the spiral
Grecco Romank - Dog Head
Jeremy Garner - Fragmentations
Jeremy Garner - The Human Condition
last poem for now - ABROGATE
lora2 - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ!
Māpura Music - Timatanga Hou
Medwakh - Wash Away Your Sins Like a Car Battery in the Ocean
Michael Morley - Solos (For M.F)
nehebkau's womb - lost mojo and the power within
nehebkau's womb - underworld
nehebkau's womb - where is the maori village
nehebkau's womb - the sad cries of a cow
nehebkau's womb - paradise milk
nehebkau's womb - otherworld
nehebkau's womb - healing
N.T. Honey - Road Rage
Ritual Heaps - Morgellons
Rory Storm - Optical
Shnabubula - The Mystifying Sounds of Xenphonium III
Somni - The Lodge
Speck of Dust - Inhale
Square Market and Rokiosu - electronic soundscapes
Thomas L. Bigelow - In Orbit
Tre Nel 2000 - Take You Somewhere Nice
vōtiv - vōtiv
Works For Loudspeakers - WFLS #23 (COMPILATION)
yeongrak - it worked
4-Trx - Elevated Lines

APRIL 2022

ABG - Watershed
Asteroid Anxiety - 500 Days
The Antony Edens - GET CATHARTIC!
David Kahn + Peter Wright - Interferences
Don Sook - BRP
Francisco Lopez & Richard Francis - in de blaauwe hand
Guyuksa - You Are Not Me
A Handful of Dust - Monadology (Revisited)
Hasji - Maumahara Gorge (Single) on GORGE OUT “HERE” 2022 COMPILATION 
Jason Kahn & Richard Francis - s/t
Karlito Brigantae - Not A Thief
L$D Fundraiser - Beware the Bourgeoise Masquerading as Precariat Artist
L$D Fundraiser - Fashionably Late For The Apocalypse
last poem for now - not everyone does but it would be better if they did
Michael Morley - Redemption Songs
Moppy - everything sort of swung around
The New Existentialists - The GDH Smoke Machine [Thokei Tapes]
Pumice - Bung Eye
Thomas L. Bigelow - The Old Garden
Richard Francis - Acoustic Weekend
Richard Francis - Combinations 3
Richard Francis & Bruce Russell - Garage Music
Rory Storm - Optical
seht - A Cathedrallike Dark EP 
Shatter Eternity - Debris of The Past
solopsist, asleep - upstream fir
Stereo Minus One - Lodestone
The Trioglodytes with Kraus and Nava Tekela-Pule - To The Glory of The Gods [iii Records]
Underscore-Hyphen - Hotels-Motels-Heathens 05 (Amy)
Vihil - VIHIL
William Henry Meung - Magnetic Ghosts - Prismatic Hosts
Witch Hair - Like Flies on an Omelette
Yeongrak - TNT checker

MARCH 2022

Christoph el truento - NO WARNING
Deejay Handbrake - Not Sure if Music
Don Sook - 2600
Fern - assorted dubs
god is a women - sugar on ice
Poems & Lyrics (in the Scotch dialect) (1856)
by John Collie (1834-1893)
performed by Dave Edwards, Celeste Rochery, Hans Landon-Lane, Megan Edwards-Rochery Poems & Lyrics (in the English dialect) (1856)
by John Collie (1834-1893) performed by Dave Edwards and
Hans Landon-Lane
haast - hāwea - Hinewai
harbourcalm - Jean’s Piano
Jāsib al- Karnāwī - unknown
Keith - In A Crockpot
Leboy - Iso: Flow Statis
Mapili - Hood Breaks
Mapura Music - Collated Colour Collage
Māpura Music - Oibuts Welcome
Noise Drone Repeat - Collected Musings Volume 2
Meeps - Maps
Michael J Hex - The Hiss Explosion (Digital Rerelease, originally released 1998)
Mokotron - Tawhito
MUD DEATH - Verna Equi (Music Video)
Noise Drone Repeat - Collected Musings Volume 2 {{COMPILATION}} [Junk DNA Recordings]
Pongsapon Upani / Jeff Henderson / Ben Holmes - Floating on the Whau
Ritual Heaps + Subjective Device - Ritual Heaps - Subjective Device
Thee Ideal Gus - 1966 (1997)
Trioglodytes with Karen Hu - Jazz from the Underground Nightclubs of Aotearoa Vol. 7
Tui Vutu - Dolphins and Pearls (Video Performance commissioned by Blue Oyster Project Space)
z z z z z - 


Antony Milton - Truth Stories
Birdfeeder - The Vile Isle
Christian McNab & William Henry Meung - Raven Matrix Test
Christoph el Truento - GIRAFFE
Colin James Wood - Dream Cathedral Has Leaky Roof
Colm - OnePlusOne5
Current Bias - Embed Spirit [Aunty Records]
David Long - Ash and Bone [Rattle Records]
Embb - Bones
Feather Spines - Tāmira Pūoro [Oro Records]
fiffdimension - Spastic Rhythms 22’
Follow the Creek - a knife and a fork, a bottle and a cork
Karl Steven - All of Human Emotion on Microfiche [Sunreturn]
Landscape - Sacrificing the needs of the body for the life of the mind
Leaving Home - droneambient [Sensory Assault]
Longbrows - Staycations 2021!
Monsterwitch - Monsterwitch [NO Label NZ]
Paperghost - Dustmite Gods (2021 b-sides)
postcards of new zealand - sketches of pain, vol ii
Pumice/noemienours - Bung eye/Winter cabbage
Rory Storm - Underwater EP [Chemical Imbalance]
vōtiv - vōtiv [NO Label NZ]
Witchy - Salt Shoulder
z z z z z - ʎ̶̡̿l̷͍̪̿͒̈́ ̴̘͉̳̔̋͝ś̷̭̮ᴉ̴̮̄̎ 


The Antony Edens - Get Hopeful
A.M - Dry Attack - (Reprieve) [Lay Your Burdens Down]
Antony Milton - Te Hapu
Bruce Russell - Spit Sonatas (Aramoana 2021)
Bruce Russell - Gilded Splinters: tape works 1995-2005
Darkslider - Mineund
Emperor Goblin - 19
f. theodore elliot - Performance? NO! (Special Low Frequency Version)
Group of Three - Group of Three [God in the Music]
Hardship Node - wake up in the dwelling cave
Hiss Explosion - 66 (Rerelease, originally released 2002)
Human Susan - Fun is fun
JA - Televisionroom1
leboy - Under Rat Deluxe - Teaser Tracks
Michael J Hex - Johnny Horse (Rerelease, originally released 1996)
Michael Morley - sonate pour la boîte à musique I-II (2022)
Mudgoose - Burn yr laundry
Mudgoose and O Time Thy Pyramids - Our good friend Zlatko Sudac's arrival on and eventual destruction of Wičháȟpi Owáŋžila
The Nether Dawn - An Empty Pool
Pestiferous Simian Embludgeonment - Well-Tempered Motherfuckin Grindcore [Sub Sub Tropical Records]
Red Shroud - Culture slowly fading in the dismal sea
Ritual Heaps - Seagull Sparrow Pigeon Rat Cat Mouse
Robert Scott & Dallas Henley - Deal to Delta
Splitpin - we were never young
V0M - hgt_FEv232 [Sub Sub Tropical Records]
Yeongrak - one or two dreams
Yeongrak - tracking


Auteur Records - The Ashenfield Massacre - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Blue Sky Hex - Worsen
christoph el' truento cover by MĀ - aquarium version
Comf - Ceramic
Current Bias - 4 Clanger$ 4 Fake Capital
Don Sook - heatwave
ESIAFI 1 - 6 0 0 0 s a t e l l i t e s
Fortress Europe & Moonflower - 1925-1988
Jeff Henderson & Carolyn Connors - Duos Volume. 11
Jeff Henderson/Tom Callwood/Mark Sanders - Beyond Reason (Rerelease, originally released 2002)
Jeremy Mayall & Yotam Levy - Elemental Stasis [Rattle Records]
LONDON DRUGS - Mommy Issues
L.$.D. Fundraiser - Beware of the Bourgeoise Masquerading as Precariat Artist [Chemical Imbalance]
Modern Chair - Harmonic Red
The Projection Band - Night Without Rules
Ritual Heaps - Black Site Three
Skud Gambosi - Esme
Thomas L. Bigelow - Collection 2010 - 2020
TV2 - National League
Waker - Less Than Nothing [Metaallurgic]


Alan Brown - Murmur [Rattle Records]
Antony Milton & Dave Black - Return on the Sun
Felijia - True Pop
Jeff Henderson - Occulmutation
Jeff Henderson and Campbell Kneale - Duos Vol 7
last poem for now - Spectrr
last poem for now - infinity arrows and giants in cornwall
Leaving Home - Thousands of Tiny Black Lights [Sensory Assault]
leboy - Silent Bouquet
L.$.D Fundraiser - Socially Distant (Lockdown Lullaby)
Mamco - 3
Nehebkau’s Womb - The flesh is grass
Pumice - Table
P Wits / L Xerox - X
P Wits & Tom Smith - The Of Technique [No Label NZ]
Rei Compact - Breadbath [Chemical Imbalance]
River Cuts Deep - Untitled [Sensory Assault]
Speck of Dust - free form
SPOOKS - www.SPOOKS.hereugo
Stroma - UnCage My HeArt! [iii Records]
Suns Alibi - Live at Deep Dive Festival [Noa Records]
Thagomizer -  Mesozoic Mood Music
Underscore-Hyphen - Not-Loop Road
Untiled - Void Pulse [Machine Records]
VA001 - Various Artists [Related Articles]
Yeongrak - teeth weeth


Adrian Fears - RUBBERNECK
Alargo - Obscura
Beban/Marks/Henderson - The Weedeaters
Bediquette - not now
Bodyache - Demonstration of Intent [NO Label NZ]
Bruce Russell with Jeff Henderson - Sting Like a Bee
Bruce Russell - Project for a Revolution in New York (Rerelease, originally released 1998)
carpet dust - recycling sale
CHARLIE (OPI) - before the ground
Colm - OnePlusOne II
Colm - OnePlusOne
Comf - Mantra
Compilation - DarkSpace: A Fundraiser to Help Fill the Void
The Craft
Devils Gate Outfit - Jazz from the Underground Nightclubs of Aotearoa Vol. 5 [Kiwijahzz]
Dream Chambers - The Longest Night
Fält, Rothenberg & Thorne - Faultlines [Rattle Records]
A Handful of Dust - Twelve Turns of the Rail on Walls of Emerald 
Jeff Henderson / Riki Gooch - Duos Volume 6
Jeff Henderson / Daniel Beban - Happy Archive #3 – Four Short Shots
Māpura Music - This Squiggled - Are You Awake? (2021)
Peter Hobbs / Horomono Horo - Oro [Rattle Records]
Proto Neuron Chrome Selector - Proto Neuron Chrome Selector '04
Red Mole - Soundtracks Vol. 4 - Nietzsche/Zarathustra
Samara Alofa - B.T.T.G
Skody Banks - Goblin Rock
Steve Garden / Ivan Zagni - Exiles [Rattle Records]
the thesaurus book club - hear, overhear; hark
TV2 - TVHB Regional Network
White Saucer - Arbitrary Yeti 
yeongrak - we wern too late





Image Credits: Exhibition Texts: Sarah Callesen - exhibition poster

SoundBleed is an online journal of critical writing around sound in NZ/Aotearoa – a forum for discussion around sound-related activity and practice.



SoundBleed is an online journal of critical writing around sound in NZ/Aotearoa – a forum for discussion around sound-related activity and practice.

Image Credits: Exhibition Texts:
Sarah Callesen - exhibition poster